AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Don’t ruin your Saturday! Part II

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In continuation of last Saturdays blog, AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Don’t Clean Out Your Garage!, I ask you to spend a LITTLE time in your garage today.  Remove 28 items from your garage that don’t need to be there and then enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


As some of you know, if you have been reading my blog for a while, I don’t have a garage.  My house was built before cars were invented and if anyone ever added a garage, it didn’t last as long as the house.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t have some “garage” type items.  It does mean that it is easier to see those items and get rid of them!


Last weekend, I wrote a “hunny do” list, that my husband accepted with a smile.  I think he knew the weather report, as we woke up to half a foot of snow, and most of his “to dos” were outside.  My DH will be spending some time outside this weekend.  Actually, we all will, as the weather is supposed to rise from the 40s to 70 degrees this weekend.


Be proud of yourself.  If you got rid of 22 items last Saturday and 28 items today, you have gotten rid of 50 total items! from your garage.  Progress feels good!  And you didn’t even have to ruin your weekend to do it!

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to a LESS cluttered garage!



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