AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Does your CAR fit in your CAR port? Part III

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A car port is just a little shed for your car.  It is a great idea for people like me, that don’t have a garage.  (I don’t have a car port either, but I can see the merits of one, each time I am scraping ice and snow off my windows and trying to defrost my doors enough to open them.)

However, what I have noticed recently are car ports that are in addition to garages.  There are only two reasons for this.  You have more cars than garages OR you have your garage so full of other stuff that you can’t get your car in there.


Some people go so far as to also fill their car port with junk.  Putting their car again out in the weather.  Stop this madness.  Take back your cars home!  Today is your last chance before Easter to clear out the items that don’t need to be in your garage.  (We all know this is not going to be on your “to do” list for Holy Saturday.)


If you have been following along you have removed 22 items and 28 items with AMAZINGLY SIMPLE on the last two Saturdays for a total of 50 items already removed from you garage.  Today, work diligently to remove another 34 items for a grand total of 84 items removed from your garage.  You should be able to see REAL progress at this point.  I bet you didn’t realize just how much stuff you have been packing in there.

That’s it for today.  Enjoy your Saturday.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to use a car port for your car.

P.S.  I have some fun challenges planned for this upcoming Holy Week to prepare both your home and your heart for an AMAZINGLY SIMPLE Easter.



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