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This blog is not for kids!  It contains my kiddos Easter baskets!

Last year, I shared my kiddos Easter baskets as a reminder that all purchases should be intentional.  As I reviewed last years blog, I realized that we still have ALL of the gifts from last year (except for the candy of course!).  That’s right, we even still have the crayons from last year!

Thoughtful, quality items that will be appreciated and used by the recipient are more important than the quantity of items that you purchase.  With all the work we are doing decluttering our lives, it would be a shame to use any holiday as an opportunity to buy cheap plastic crap that will break and cause waste in your home and your pocketbook.


Babyman’s (age 4) Easter basket this year contains:  2 pairs of (LEGO Star Wars) cotton pj’s, a Sandra Boynton book, a HABA Little Friends farmer figure and tractor, and some candy/ treats.


L.L. (age 8) will be receiving:   a Hanna Andersson t-shirt, a Star Wars book, a Care Bear stuffed toy, LYRA colored pencils, hot sauce from Heatonist, and the same candy/ treats.


The bunny will bring Dude (age 10):  Star Wars by Hanna Andersson pj’s, a Terra Kids (HABA) exploration magnifying glass, Good Day (melatonin) chocolates, organic Patch kids bamboo band-aids, Oloves flavored olives, and of course the same candy/ treats.


Fifi (age 16) will wake up to: a pair of Disney cotton pj’s, an Iron Man Nalgene bottle, SPLAT hair color, PaperMate colored mechanical pencils, and the same candy/ treats as everyone else.

My kids are thrilled to find their Easter Baskets and open their prizes.  Although, some items are not what you might expect (hot sauce, melatonin, hair color) to see in an Easter basket, I assure you, that these will be the favorite gifts for these particular kiddos.  The treats inside the eggs (and yes, they each get more than three) are all organic candies from Surf Sweets and little organic chocolate bunnies (I buy big bags and split them between my kiddos).

***I share the name brands (and the hyperlink to the company’s website) because it is helpful if you would like to learn more or purchase something similar (it doesn’t mean this is where I found these items – although it might be).  I am NOT sponsored by any of these companies (although I do really love some of them).  I also don’t condone buying over packaged candies and snacks if you have access to bulk.  The area where I live is not great for finding bulk, and the places that do offer bulk, don’t offer the organic and/or dye free that my kiddos need.***

What would your kids really love to receive this Easter?  Please share below.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to make Easter baskets fun!



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