AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Are you asleep at the shopping cart?

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One of the questions that I get asked by a LOT of people is what DO you buy.  I know I am always telling you to STOP buying and to buy LESS and to go on a SPENDING FAST. Today, I got a bunch of packages in the mail and thought I would take this time to share with you some things I did buy.  The idea is not to never buy anything (is that too many negatives?), but to shop with consciousness.

These items are for my kiddos Easter baskets (so please, no spoilers!).  All of these items (with the exceptions of the candy I haven’t bought yet and the baskets, canning jars and lids- which I already had), were purchased online.  I like to shop way, WAY ahead of each holiday.  It gives me plenty of time to research what I would like to purchase and then think about if they are really a good choice or not.  Plus if you are DONE with shopping for a holiday, it is much easier to walk past the store displays you come across without buying ANYTHING!

When I finally decide what I want and from where, I put everything in my cart and then leave it there, I run it by my DH, who gives the green light on just about everything, but still acts as my Jimminny Cricket when I am really stretching it a little too far, then I wait some more.  Sometimes during this time I change my mind or get a coupon (lots of sites do this if you leave stuff in your cart long enough) or the site I am shopping with actually has a sale.  Anyway, my purchase only gets better as I wait.  I like to support small business, American made products, and craftspersons.  I DON’T like to support slave labor, low quality items, or chemically treated products.  I like my kiddos to have a few good quality items that they are expected to take care of, instead of tons of junk that I would expect them to break or throw away quickly.  Sometimes this is easier than other times, so I do the best I can and don’t stress too much if one of my purchases is not perfect.


Here is Babymans (age 3) assortment of Easter goodies.  He will also get an assortment of bulk candy that I will stick in a canning jar and add to his basket.  For his complete basket see the bottom picture.  He is getting a large rainbow colored silk (about 3 foot square), a set of adorable peg dolls that each have a colored dot on the bottom that matches their sleeping bag and pillow (and they actually mimic our family), a set of block style crayons, and a set of new summer PJs.


L.L. (age 7) will be getting a pocket Frisbee, a Chinese jump rope (you have no idea how hard it was to find a Chinese jump rope NOT made in China – but it is possible!), a Schleich mama kangaroo with her joey, a pair of pjs (not pictured), and a jar of candy (I will visit the bulk bins at Whole Foods and/ or pick up some things at Aldi’s when Easter is closer).


Dude (age 9) is going to get a set of beeswax clay, a wooden whirligig, a Schleich baby panda, a jar of candy, and a set of summer PJs (not pictured).


Fifi (age 15) will be getting a bible cover/ bag (she requested one – she is my only kiddo that knows the influence I have on the Easter bunny), a movie, felting needles (hers broke mid project), a jar of candy and a pair of summer PJs (she would be mortified if I showed her jammies online).


Here is the Easter basket for Babyman all put together.  Isn’t that silk sooooo much prettier than that plastic Easter grass that almost gives me hives just thinking about it I hate it sooo much (but I digress…)

Each of my kiddos have a canvas Easter “basket” with their name embroidered on it that we reuse each year so I don’t have to worry about the basket issue.

They will also each have a half dozen wooden eggs that they will hunt for (eggs will probably be filled with money and snacks).

What do you buy for gifts?  How thoughtful are they really?  Do you have people or companies that you actually trust?

Your homework is NOT to go out and buy something.  It is that the next time you are going to buy something, you spend a little time thinking about what you really need/ want, what your options are, what your money is going to support, etc.  You are to emphasize quality and not quantity.
Your homework is to make an AMAZINGLY SIMPLE conscious choice with your next purchase.


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