AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – When the sheets hit the fan

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In the last 50 years the size of the average American home has nearly TRIPLED.  My house is over 150 years old.  And although it doesn’t have a lot of things a newer house has, I love it.  I don’t have a linen closet in my house.  I don’t really have many closets at all (one in Fifi and Babymans shared room or two if you count a bar hung in a nook in the upstairs).  Why doesn’t my house have all the closets that new houses have?  Well 150 years ago people didn’t need them.  I gotta tell you, we don’t need them either!

Today, we (okay that’s a royal we – I’m not doing it – just y’all) are going to clean out our linen closets.  If like me, you don’t have one just go through all the things you would put in a linen closet if you had one.

1. Empty out the closet completely – EVERYTHING OUT!

2. Look at the big pile of junk on the floor and go get a garbage bag.

3. Realize that you have all the linens you need right now on your beds, in your bathrooms and in your laundry.  Start (if you must) by putting back a set of each size bedding and a set or two of towels – that is more than you need – get rid of the rest of them.  How many washcloths do you actually use?  How often do you usually do laundry?  Make sure to get rid of any itchy blankets – even in a zombie apocalypse situation no one will want the itchy blanket!  And NO – you don’t need more rags!

4. Get rid of all the little trial or hotel size everythings in your house.  Womens and homeless shelters are always in need of these things.  If you just can’t bear to let them go, then put them all in a big bottle and start using them NOW.   And P.S. you have never worn a shower cap and you aren’t going to start now – get rid of them!!!

5. Start getting used to shelves being open and empty – it is okay – refuse to fill it up – it isn’t necessary – and it will give you peace to see it empty.   Think of empty shelves as breathing space – and breathing space is always a good thing!

6. Don’t put anything back in this closet that doesn’t belong here.  Either put it where it does belong or get rid of it.  If you don’t have a place where it belongs, find a place (think about where you use the item the most and find a place near it to keep it).

An AMAZINGLY SIMPLE linen closet in just 6 easy steps!


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