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Today is already the 29th day of lent!  Go through any of your game related stash and let go of 29 items.  Donate, trash, or sell these items.

What does “gaming” mean to you?  What does your family like to play?  If gaming means board games at your house, check out my blog AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Are you BOARD? to get started in decluttering those items.  Please get rid of any games that don’t have all of the necessary pieces!Ludo_PiecesIf video games and systems are your calling, that is where you need to focus your efforts.  These can easily get out of hand and resale prices drop at a staggering rate.  You also may enjoy AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – The Death of a Legend.

If puzzles, find a words, sudokus and crossword puzzles are your game, there are probably more of these floating around your house then are really needed.  There are as many different games and puzzles are there are people in our world.imagesWe love to do “old school” table style puzzles at my house.  My family doesn’t like to repeat puzzles and we have started trading our puzzles with friends and family, which helps keep our number of puzzles low and keeps things fresh for everyone.

If gaming means roleplayer games (RPG’s) to you, there are a lot of dice, notebooks, books, pencils and mini figures that need to be sorted.fu6Even if gaming just means a deck of cards to you, you can probably get rid of a few decks floating around the house.  And lots of people play cards more online than in person!   Most people have more than one of these types of games in their homes.  Go through all of yours today and let go of 29 items that aren’t fun anymore (if they even ever were!).

When you are done decluttering your gaming hoard, give yourself permission to enjoy the game of your choice!images00D10WJJThe AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to get back in the game!




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