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Is the lack of shopping in your life causing you to be bored?  I have just the solution for you!  How about a board game?  How many board games you have will depend on if you are a game family or not.  Or as my daughter would say “Mom, we are all nerds in this house.”  So – YES – we are a game family.

Now is a great time to go through your games.

1. If you have a game cupboard or closet or bin or whatever – EMPTY it COMPLETELY! Now run around your house and collect all of the other games you have – board games, card games, puzzles, etc.

2. Look at one at a time and think about the last time anyone in your house played this particular game:
if you don’t remember – out it goes,
if it ended in someone crying or a door slamming somewhere (LIFE) – out it goes,
if it doesn’t work (Loopin Louie is no longer looping) – out it goes,
if you HATE to play it (LIFE) – out it goes,
if it takes YEARS to play it (LIFE and if you still you own it – RISK) – out it goes,
if it is missing pieces (no stealing from other games – the dog from Monopoly is not supposed to play Candyland),
if it looks like the dog (not the one from Monopoly) chewed on it (this is applicable whether you have a dog or not) – out it goes,
if no one would really miss it – out it goes,
if it has never been opened – out it goes,
if you have more than one (you do NOT need 3 versions of Memory and unless you play three handed something you really only need one or two decks of cards) – out it goes!
if you play all of your games on something electronic (phone, computer, videogame console) you can get rid of everything with the possible exception of what you might want to play when the power goes out!

3. Go through the rest of the junk that was jammed in the cupboard, closet, bin, etc. and get rid of anything that is not cash or a birth certificate!  You probably didn’t know it was there anyway.

4. Put all of your games in ONE place!  I know, crazy, right?

5. Get some people together in your house and play a game! (And if someone cries, – well you know what to do…)

I did this quickly with my daughter and here is what we have left.  I think it is a lot , but, we do play games a lot.
Trivia Pursuit, Yahtzee, Monopoly, Parcheesi, Apples to Apples, Art Memory, and What’s for Dinner. (7 Big Board Games)

We also have Cards, Uno, Scrabble (travel size) and a Scrabble Dictionary (therefore making this a NO crying game), Bananagrams, Zeus on the Loose, Mexican Train, and TetrisLink (travel size) that fit in a small container.(7 Little Games)

These all fit on a shelf that is easy to see but hard for my littles to reach on their own. Oh and we do have a chess set, but it is fancy and my husband likes it on display soooo…….

So that is 15 games! for my (not so) minimalist family.  How many games did you keep? What is your favorite?  What are you getting rid of?

Don’t forget to add to your tally sheet for all the games you got rid of!
And now, it is AMAZINGLY SIMPLE to have fun playing a game with your family!


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