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As Christmas comes to an end, it is a great time to look around and see where we are.  In Greek, Epiphany means “to reveal”.  As we put away our Christmas decorations and all the sparkle (or pine needles) of the season what do we reveal?  What is left beneath all the costumes of Christmas activities, preparations, decorations, and the busyness of the whole season?  This is a question that needs to be directed at our souls as well as our homes.  (I think often the two are connected more than we realize.)

Yesterday, in observance of Epiphany, Pope Francis asked us “to resist inclinations toward arrogance, the thirst for power and riches.”  He also urged us to give freely without expecting anything in return.  Does your home look arrogant and rich?  Is this what you are striving for?  Is there something you can find to give to someone (either someone you know or to a charity)?  Perhaps the money you save with your money fast this week could be given to a needy friend or charity.  Or maybe there is something in your home that would bring joy to someone else.

So today, I am only asking you to listen to the Pope.  I know his meaning is much deeper, but perhaps he is also urging us to release something.  If you aren’t sure what, say a simple prayer for God to show you and then take a walk through your house – You will find it!

Remind yourself that what I love most about my home is WHO I share it with, not WHAT.

Don’t forget to tally what you give away and enjoy the feeling of giving!




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