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If I knocked on your door right now what would you do?  Would you be embarrassed about your home?  Honestly, most of us would be – although I don’t know why.  Really, we all have junk, so why are we embarrassed?  I believe it is because we have more junk than we WANT to.  How much notice would I have to give you to get you to a place where you are not embarrassed about the state of your home?  I like to call this your cleaning time quotient.  My current cleaning time quotient is around an hour.  If I run around my house for an hour, I can get it to a state that I am (almost) proud of.

As you declutter and minimize your house your cleaning time quotient will be dramatically reduced!  (Mine used to be over a day!)  I think if you actually reach 0 for your cleaning time quotient you will disrupt the space-time continuum or something  (I mean who doesn’t have to wash some dishes or scrub a toilet?), but, for our sake here, lets shoot for 10 minutes.  Most people now of days actually give at least 10 minutes notice and if they surprise you and your home is only 10 minutes from tidy, believe me, they will be impressed.

Your homework for today is in two parts.  The first part needs to happen today!  Invite someone over!  No really, do it!  This can be almost anyone.  Really close friends and family get you 1 point (they have probably already seen your home a mess), more distant friends, family, and neighbors get you 2 points, and someone who has never seen your home, is nosy, or takes pictures a lot – gets you 5 points!  Having this on your calendar will get you to do the second part of your homework.  Put it on your calendar.  It is fun to have company!

The second part of your homework is to clean for your company.  You will probably be focusing on just two or three areas of your house (maybe an entry way area, a living area, and a bathroom?)  While you are cleaning have a bag or box ready for things that can leave your house.  Try walking in your house and looking at it like our company might (try removing your junk blind glasses for a minute).  Anything you are planning on hiding, either needs to be put in its place or put in the going away bag or box.  You are not allowed to take a laundry basket and fill it with all of your junk and hide it somewhere.  The big secret is that everything you permanently remove from this space will never be in your way of having a tidy home again!  Then when you are done, take this bag to your existing pile of bags or boxes.  In the next day or two, I will go over options for what to do with this (hopefully growing) pile.

Having an uncluttered home takes less time to take care of and allows us more time for what we find important (like friends and family visiting)!

Don’t forget to tally your releases and our spending fast is still going, so don’t buy anything!

That’s AMAZINGLY SIMPLE homework for you!


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