AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – The SHOES on the other foot.

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Pile of various men shoes isolated over white, with clipping path

“There’s an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes.” -Forest Gump

You guessed it, today we are going to talk about shoes. How many and what type of shoes do you own?

I personally own a total of five pairs of shoes.

1. Black – Maryjane – Dr. Martens – I have had these since eighth grade and they are my go-to everyday shoe.

2. Black – Ballet flat – Crocs – I bought these a few years ago because I needed comfortable shoes for summer and dress shoes at the time and these allowed me to buy one pair for both purposes.

3. Red and Black – Mickey Mouse – Crocs – My husband bought these for himself way back in the day when we used to go on vacations, and I stole them from him slowly over time and now they are mine.  I mostly wear them for lifeguarding and am considering getting rid of them, but for now they stay.

4. Grey – Sneakers – Avia – These were my gift from Santa (and they were given to santa, so not a purchase of mine) this year.  (When I got them, I threw out a very loved pair of Adidas sneakers.)

5. Brown and pink – Hiking Boots – Bogs – These were a Christmas gift from my parents (Thank you!) and replaced the hiking boots that I bought before my daughter was born. (She is 15 years old and has taken up backpacking and stolen my old boots.)

I used to have a great pair of high heels (Saks) that I would wear for special occasions, but I am really close in height to my husband and he hated them.  Since he is the only one I am trying to impress, I got rid of them and just wear the flats.

Why I shared all of this with you in such detail:

You probably own more that enough shoes!  You don NOT NEED more than a handful of pairs of shoes.

“Nobody is going to stand up at your funeral and say ‘She had a really expensive couch and great shoes.'”

Your things should have MORE than one use.  This goes for just about everything.  It is the reason I don’t purchase clothing that is holiday or even seasonally specific.  It is the reason we drink out of mason jars.  It is the reason why the dining room table is where we do crafts, schoolwork, play games, eat, etc.

When buying shoes (and most other things as well), we should be emphasizing quality over quantity.  I love the site called BUY ME ONCE – the whole site is dedicated to brands that have a very long or (usually) a lifetime warranty.  This doesn’t mean that you should go to this site or anywhere else and start buying stuff just because it will last forever! Things should be bought as needed in a thoughtful and conscientious way.  I like to research the brands that I am purchasing from, not just for product quality, but also for their ethical practices and their impact on the environment.  (I will give more info on this in a future post.)  Intentional purchases will make your life better and save you money in the long term.

“Life is not a fairy tale. If you lose your shoe at midnight, You’re drunk.”

My daughter and husband would like to share their shoes too –

15 year old daughter has 7 pairs of shoes (the most in the house) – the previously mentioned Cabela’s hiking boots, black Hanna Andersson dress shoes, multi-colored TEVA sandals, pink dress Crocs, black cowboy boots (these also used to be mine) coral colored Nikes, and black Nikes (she wears for work and for her unicycling uniform).

DH also has 7 pair of shoes (tied for most in the house) – Work boots, Nike sneakers, Nike Sandals (6 years), Black Sketchers Dress shoes, Brown Johnston and Murphy Dress shoes (11 years), Adidas Soccer shoes (7years), Dr.Martens (he has had for at least 15 years – are we meant to be or what!)

And to not leave anyone out, my little guys all have two or three pairs each. I favor Bogs boots, Plae shoes (for my little guy that needs orthotics), and Keen sandals for my boys. My kiddos are hard on their shoes and I like to hand them down. So anyone who is getting rid of any of these can call me!

The cat doesn’t have shoes.

Now go find ALL of your shoes and get rid of any of them that aren’t making your life better!

“It’s not about the shoes. It’s about what you do in them.” – Michael Jordan

Don’t forget to tally your releases!  Send your numbers to all of us!  (especially you, Mom!)
Sole repair the AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way!


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