AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Don’t stress out!

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Bartok said it best, “Stress, it’s a killer, sir!” – If you don’t know who Bartok is, he is a bat from the cartoon movie Anastasia.


Stress really is a killer disease.  Google it, if you don’t believe me, there is a LOT of information out there to prove that this is a fact.

Today, for the 30th day of lent, we are going to let go of stress.  I know it’s not that easy to just give up all the stress in our lives.  Today, find a way to give yourself 30 minutes of stress relief.  Meditate, go for a hike, listen to music, draw, get some fresh air, or try the tips from this video.

A bubble bath, swimming, walking on the beach, and taking a nap are my favorite ways to reduce stress.  My daughter likes to play with her yo-yo, shuffle a deck of cards, read, go outside, or listen to music when she is stressed.  How do you de-stress?  Leave a comment below!

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to spend 30 minutes reducing stress.



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