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Crafting or handiwork are a great way to relax, explore your creativity and sometimes even make beautiful or useful items for your home, or to use as gifts.  Good items take lots of love and care to produce.  Hours of your time can easily be spent making these items.

Where the problem occurs, is that we allot ourselves very little time and we collect project after project to do “someday” or “when I have the time”.  In reality, these projects (sometimes even started), just sit around, as we pile on more and more new projects.untitlehgiygToday, on the 31st day of lent, I ask you to let go of 31 crafting supplies, patterns, unfinished projects, and guilt about those items.  Just because you thought it was a great idea years ago, doesn’t mean it will fit nicely into your future.  Just because you started it, doesn’t mean you HAVE to finish it.  BE A QUITTER!  Sometimes, quitting is the best gift you can give yourself.untitledWhether you enjoy sewing, quilting, whittling, woodworking, painting, beading calligraphy, jewelry making, ceramics, sculpting, sketching, crocheting, knitting, cross stitching, embroidering, leather tooling, weaving, or scrapbooking, NOW is the time to take a step back and look at what related STUFF you have kept over the years.  Think about the last time you ACTUALLY used those items and be REALISTIC about the next time you WILL ACTUALLY use those items.  Just because you enjoyed something in the past doesn’t mean it should be a part of your future!imageshgI have found that the more “crafty” a person is, the harder it is for them to let go of items that they deem “useful”.  One way to combat this hoarding feeling is to find someone who will use and enjoy your useful items.  Sometimes, senior centers, childcare centers, schools, and other community organizations would be happy to accept a donation of certain supplies that they would otherwise have to buy.  Be creative and make a few phone calls to see if there is someone looking for what you are ready to let go of.  Consider freecycle, goodwill, or an email blast of what you have to offer.  Finding someone who appreciates the junk you have collected, often eases the separation anxiety you may feel.    eldercraftindexI love Pinterest!   It is a great place to find ideas,  free patterns, and how to’s for almost any craft.  View and follow my page, here.  Pinterest has allowed me to let go of all those magazine pages that I used to rip out.  It has also allowed me to get rid of some sewing and quilting patterns.  Being able to organize these items in a simple, easy to manage page has been a lifesaver to me.  Try it out, and see if it doesn’t lessen the amount of real clutter you are hanging on to!

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to let go of old projects to make time and space for new ones!





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