AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – MMS, SMS, TEXT – Get rid of them all!

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Whatever you call it, (I’m American, so I will use “text”) texting is here to stay.  I love this technology.

I remember the first time I was introduced to texting.  I was working on a business collaboration with a woman who happened to be deaf.  She and I had always communicated via email or through a relay service.

Email can get buried and just seems too formal for a quick question.  The relay service (at least at that time) was cumbersome and slow.  This woman showed me a system where we could type messages back and forth (it was still old school T9 type of stuff), and we didn’t need the expensive TTY system that was available at the time.  Believe it or not, this was ground-breaking!  She also told me that she thought everyone would like it.  Not just those with different communication abilities.  She couldn’t have been more right!


So, I am NOT asking you to give up texting.  What I am asking is that you go through your old texts and for the 32nd day of lent, delete 32 text messages.

I can delete 32 messages just between myself and my daughter.  I tell her to text me when she gets somewhere, so that I know she has arrived safely and is okay.  She (in classic teenager style) often sends me a text that simply reads “I’m alive”.  She doesn’t understand how much I appreciate these texts.  I don’t need to keep piling these texts up in my phone.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to get rid of extra text messages.




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