AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Where do you hide your treasure?

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If you have seen National Treasure you know what I’m going for here.  Today, I invite you to sit down at your desk … and clean it out … if you can.  If your desk is totally overwhelming, just start by removing 27 items.  If you actually find a national treasure, call the Smithsonian, not Nick Cage. (And please, credit me with the discovery!)


Twenty-seven items to remove from your desk (no secret combination necessary):

  1. Grocery store ads
  2. Church bulletins
  3. Envelopes from bills that you paid online
  4. Broken pencils
  5. Dried up pens
  6. Red pens – or any color that you don’t use
  7. Kids toys
  8. Anything that was ripped out of a magazine
  9. Receipts – scan first if you need them for tax purposes
  11. Cards that someone sent you
  12. Old printer  ink cartridges
  13. Coupons
  14. Business cards – scan or enter into your computer or phone
  15. Old photos
  16. Kids “art” projects
  17. Broken stapler
  18. Staples that don’t fit in your stapler
  19. Paper clips – when is the last time you used one?
  20. Paper weights
  21. Paper bills – Get these switched to on-line
  22. Checkbooks for accounts you no longer have
  23. Charging cords that don’t work or don’t fit
  24. Old cough drops, gum, mints, etc.
  25. Old “TO DO” lists
  26. Your chair if it’s broken, uncomfortable, or you don’t use it anyway
  27. Anything that isn’t yours


Don’t overwhelm yourself.  If you haven’t seen the top of your desk in years, just start with ONE pile or ONE drawer.  Remove the items you KNOW you don’t need and you will have the space you need to work on the rest of the items.  Move quickly and you will be amazed at how much you are shredding, burning, recycling and throwing away!


The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to declutter your desk (and pretend that you are in a movie)!



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