AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Housekeeping (No not that kind!)

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Why “release”? I could say “throw out” or “donate” or “sell” or “burn” but all of those things are easy to do.  Someone else could go through your stuff and throw it away.  Often this happens in extreme hoarding cases and almost all of them will have refilled their homes amazingly quickly.  (Don’t worry I will share some extreme hoarder stories with you this year.) What we are going to do is “let go” of our attachment to these items. We are going to allow ourselves to say good bye to our items AND forgive ourselves (for buying the item, or spending too much, or holding on to it too long, or any other guilt we may have) at the same time.  This is sometimes emotional and mentally draining BUT WORTH IT!  This will allow us to move on and make better choices in the future.  The release will feel GREAT when it is over and it gets easier as you go – I PROMISE!!!

Today I have three challenges for you – okay that sounds like a lot but these are easy and important!

1. Today I challenge you to find a way to keep track of your letting go.  This is personal, so do it how you feel most comfortable.  It can be a customized list of every item and its value with the date and what you did with it.  Please don’t make it this complicated unless you need it for tax purposes or something.  It can be a piece of paper taped to the wall in your closet or cupboard with tic marks (like your counting the days till you get out of jail – hey I like the comparison), or a notepad in your phone.  You can count the number of items leaving your house or for the majorly committed you can count the number of bags or boxes leaving the house.  Doesn’t matter how, but you will forget about these items and it feels really good to remember just how much you released!  Plus bragging is better with numbers! (Please share/brag your counts, please?)

2. I also challenge you to find a spot to keep your crap… ahem RELEASES, after you have decided to get rid of them.  This is REALLY helpful.  It can be a bag or a box just about anywhere.  Make sure it is not somewhere that it will just get reabsorbed into your home.  Most people find a corner of the garage, basement, or spare bedroom works great – I don’t have any of those spaces, so I just use a well labeled garbage bag in my house.

3. Completely RELEASE something! If you thought about something because of my Buon Anno email and you didn’t actually get rid of it yet (no I don’t have a camera in your house – I’m just human) this item can count!  Take this item to your release area and make a tic mark on your chart and you are done with your challenge for the day – see that’s not so bad! Of course now that you have this area you are welcome to add items any time you see them!

We will talk about what to do with this stuff in a few days, for right now you are done when you have made the commitment to get rid of the item and changed its location.
I told you this is AMAZINGLY SIMPLE!

Feel free to share your challenges and achievements with this group – support is helpful!

Okay Go!



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