An Italian new years tradition (especially in Southern Italy) is to dispose of your old belongings (at midnight – and OUT THE WINDOW!).  The flight of old crap is both a good habit and symbolic.  Throwing out your old stuff (traditionally old pots and pans – but also usually including old clothes, appliances, and even FURNITURE!) is symbolic of letting go of past misfortunes so that you “have space” to accept happiness in the upcoming year.  Another new years tradition in some parts of Italy is breaking or smashing dishes, ceramics or other pottery for various reasons (one of them is that the ruckus will scare away bad spirits).


In the spirit of us crazy Italians everywhere let us start the New Year right by “throwing” something out. Bonus points if you do it at midnight, extra bonus points if it flies out your window and/or you convince anyone in your family to join along! I haven’t decided if I am going to condone ceramic breakage at my house but I have my eyes on a pot lid that I have been using without a handle – I have no idea where the handle is and I burn myself all the time – Why do I keep things like that? What are you going to get rid of?

Go – find something – anything – to get rid of!!!!!!



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