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underwear-clipart-cartoon-underwear-2Note to the ladies out there: The link between high cortisol levels and high density in your household objects has been established in WOMEN. In other words – UCLA knows that too much junk makes women cranky, stressed, and fat. Men on the other hand don’t seem biologically bothered by too much stuff.

Today I have a drawer challenge for you. It is a drawer you use every day. It is a drawer you would never show to company. You guessed it – your underwear drawer?!

Here’s why:

1. You are the one who wants to declutter. Even for those of us with family members not (yet) on board. There really won’t be any outside resistance to you cleaning out your own undie drawer.
2. We should lead by example.
3. It needs to be done. (No really it does!)

Here’s how:
1. Make your bed.
2. Take your underwear drawer(s) and DUMP them on the bed. That’s right flip them over so you have a messy pile.
3. Pretend you are going on a nice cruise or vacation of some sort and pick out your favorite underthings. ONLY if they are comfortable, don’t “ahem” travel to places they shouldn’t go, and are still presentable enough to wear to a doctors appointment do they get to go on vacation with you! (Don’t take too many or it could be awkward when the TSA stops you – no hoarding undies!)
4. Put your “vacation” undies nicely back in the drawer(s) and say “oooh , my undies look so nice”.
5. Look at the rest of the junk on your bed and say “wtf?”or “why were these in my underwear drawer?” Then deal with it. Trash undies that you don’t need – no you don’t need another rag – just trash them! Put other things away or get rid of as needed.
Confession: I found some baby teeth belonging to a child or two of mine in my undie drawer – TEETH! It seems the tooth fairy was a little lazy and well…

Don’t forget to tally the number of items you are releasing from your home!
Now wasn’t that AMAZINGLY SIMPLE!

No excuses – GO – Do it NOW!


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