AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Going Topless!?

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58582110-topless-girl-on-a-beach-vector-cartoonThere is a great commercial (I think it is for Febreze but don’t quote me), where they state that people go “nose blind” in their own homes, and then they show how people that do not live in the house can smell what the residents can not.  I think this is actually even more true about our junk.  I think we go “junk blind” and just can’t see all the stuff that is cluttering up our life.  When I help people declutter, the one thing I hear over and over is that they “just didn’t know they had so much …”

Do you have more than you realize in your home?  The answer is probably, YES!

I would like to suggest that we continue our decluttering journey by going TOPLESS.  Or to be more accurate by having less on top… of our dressers.  You do remember what the top of your dresser looks like, right?  If you did your homework yesterday your undie drawer(s) are looking much better, but did you even notice what is on top of your dresser.  Lets look at it like we are visiting our own home – this is something we are going to do in other areas too 🙂

You know how to do this now – but here is a refresher.
1. Make your bed.
2. Put everything that is on top of your dresser (this includes stuff hanging off or jammed in the mirror if you have one) on your bed.
3. Chose one or two items that you just can NOT live without having on your dresser (this is NOT deodorant, receipts, or candy – I’m talking about ONE special picture or ONE meaningful religious statue or maybe ONE bank, candle or lamp that you ACTUALLY use).
4. Nicely place this item or two on your dresser like it is the trophy that it is, if it earned a place of priviledge on your dresser.  If you don’t have any of these things that you NEED to have on your dresser, IT IS OKAY TO HAVE A TOPLESS DRESSER!!!  Leave it that way and you will become more comfortable and even relaxed by the lack of junk!
4. Throw away, donate, or put away everything else.  Be ruthless, “pain is temporary – pride is forever – chicks dig scars” wait, that last part doesn’t really apply here.  RESIST THE URGE TO OPEN YOUR UNDERWEAR DRAWER AND CHUCK IT ALL IN!!!  We already did that space – no going back now!

Don’t forget to make a tally mark for any items you “release” from your home.

That’s it – It is AMAZINGLY SIMPLE to go topless!


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