AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Beer, Jesus, and YouTube

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My priest is on YouTube, my beer sounds like a shady character, and my kids still won’t wash their hands.  The current state of our household is strangely normal.


My phone is ringing off the hook (which is weird to say since phones don’t have hooks anymore…).  Friends and family care enough to call to see how we are doing.  I tell them we are fine.  Then they ask “HOW are you doing?”  with the emphasized HOW.  I fail to see many changes in our daily routine, but I will share them here.

We are “doing” school.  We homeschool our kids, so not much has changed here.  Mark Rober’s channel is one of the best ways to get kids excited about science.  This video will hopefully convince my kids that washing their hands is a good idea – something we always struggle with.

Our library is closed.  This is a big deal in our house, as we spend a great deal of time there.  However, my conspiracy theory tendencies gave me the spider-sense that they were going to close, so I currently have about 200 books, movies, games, and toys that I checked out the day before they closed.  My daughter works at the library, but I knew before her that it was closed because I was watching for it.  My kids are having fun reading the books I picked out for them.  One of our local libraries is offering on YouTube short storytimes that my kids are loving.

My priest is on YouTube so we can still have some celebration of Mass.  That just shows you how awesome our church is.  (If you haven’t already please subscribe!)  And don’t forget to pray.  I think I am thanking God for little things (like the internet) more these days.

As for me, I am getting caught up on phone calls, sewing projects, and blogging.  Since I am no longer chauffeuring kiddos to museums and classes, I think I might just crack open that Corona before the lime goes bad!  Here is a video that I first saw on Pinterest and can’t stop watching.  I think it is perfectly fitting for our current situation.  It made me smile, say a prayer, and then wash my hands…

Keep smiling, praying, and washing your hands!

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to survive the zombie apocalypse.




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