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I spend time daily deleting emails.  Lately, every company I have ever had any business dealings with or even walked past in a mall have sent me one or ten.  They all pretty much say the same thing – We miss people!  We are washing our hands!  Murder is bad!  I thought we had already agreed on these basic concepts so I’m not really sure why it needs to be said.  I have one response to all of these – Your reassurances are not reassuring.

Our current situation is strange.  It is unknown to us.  We are uncomfortable with the unknown.  But it is only unknown to us.  Similar things have happened in the past.  The future will depend on what we do with this time.  They will look back on our current situation as their history.  We are afraid.  All we need is a little courage.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear .  The brave may not live forever.  But the cautious do not live at all.  The Princess Diaries


I am impressed by people having the courage to share what they can do to make our collective future better, brighter, and safer.  I applaud those that are fighting for our physical health and safety as well as those challenging and changing long held ideologies that go against our basic human rights.

Instead of the miserable news stories and annoying emails, find time to do something good.  Grow and share your talents.  Be brave.  This is our time, the time we have been waiting for!  What can you do with this time?

Please enjoy the next two videos courtesy of members of my favorite orchestra.   These videos were a blessing in my inbox from The Cleveland Orchestra.  Although my family can’t see them at Blossom right now, it is a gift to be able to see them on YouTube.

If you have Disney+ you need to watch Hamilton.  This play makes so many statements about our history and how our present will be the history of tomorrow.  We may feel like our World is Turned Upside Down but History has its Eyes on Us.  I feel especially close to Eliza who (I believe) is the main character of the story.  SPOILER ALERT – She is the one who lives (through some serious &#!?) and tells the story.  Eliza also started the first orphanage in New York.  Quite a legacy for a woman of her time.

I can’t help but feel like a picture of me sitting in front of my computer, hair askew, sans pants is not what I want to be in my grandchildren’s history books.  Whos to say they will even have books by then, but, maybe they will at least see this blog and say “Hey, grandma shared some inspiration during a troubling time”.

Happy Fourth of July!

An AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to lift your spirits and have courage.



One Reply to “AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – In the middle of HISTORY”

  1. Beautifully written post. As I quilted endlessly during the past week, I binge watched old episodes of the Borgias on Netflix. Sorting out the bullshit, you see an accurate depiction of the corrupt church and nobility feeding off the poor, and the reformists whipping the poor into a fervor to tear down the buildings and burn the art and the books of the “rich.” I realized not for the first time that this shit is all cyclical. The ignorant and the naive will always be manipulated to either serve the interests of the powerful or those who want to take the power away for themselves. Some choice, huh? I will piggyback on Joshua: As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.


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