AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – The Ultimate Battle

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The ultimate battle of need v. want.  What is the difference between NEED and WANT?

We see so many advertisements every day that tell us all of the things we NEED.  We need  new toys, designer clothes, luxury automobiles, even specific foods.  We need to shower our loved one and ourselves with all of these things because we deserve it.  We need to pamper ourselves.  Holidays, both real and invented are occasions for additional pressure to conform to these advertisement lead norms.

What would happen if we just quit?  What if we said “I DON’T need THAT!”?  What if we didn’t buy into the rhetoric?  What if we didn’t BUY?


I am going to try it.  I and (with various levels of willingness – my family) are going to stop buying.  My goal is to make it six months.

Here are the rules:

  1.  Don’t buy anything unnecessary during this time.  (I think we will mostly need fresh produce.)
  2.  Don’t spend money not already agreed upon during this time.  (I have specific amounts of money set aside for a limited few items – i.e. arcade for Fifi’s birthday, summer pool pass, camping  – granted we don’t “need” these, but the goal is not to feel deprived either)
  3.  Continue to pay mortgage, utilities, insurance, and other bills.

Pretty basic.  But, is it possible?  Is it a good idea?  I’m not really sure.

Here’s what we have done to prepare before starting on this venture:

  • I stocked up on pantry items that we regularly use.
  • I purchased simple gifts, treats, or decorations for my children’s birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter.
  • Our farm share is paid to continue during this time, which will be very helpful.
  • I also plan on bartering and canning to help us with not spending money on both goods and services.


What do you think?  Is it possible?  Will it be easy?  Am I naïve to even think this is possible?  What is it that we will want first?  Will we gain anything from this endeavor? Would you like to join us?

Share your thoughts and ideas below!

An AMAZINGLY SIMPLE chance to stop buying into marketing madness.



One Reply to “AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – The Ultimate Battle”

  1. I love it. Very courageous with a big family of little consumers in this modern society of rampant consumerism. We passed “need” a long time ago, and “want” is such a fleeting thing. You are loved and part of a creative community that shares its surplus. I have also forsworn retail. However, I will collect fabric, have travel adventures, and drink expensive beers in places of ill repute. There have to be some benefits to being an old fart.


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