My cat has invented a game.  He takes the beautiful wooden gift tags off presents in our house and then bats them everywhere.  My kids (being helpful) have taped them back on gifts (but maybe not the right gifts).  Present giving is going to be a little more exciting this year…


I have been done shopping and wrapping for what seems like ages now.  And yet, I am just as excited and nervous as everyone else in my house.  I am not worried about any of my “chores”.  An early start and simple traditions make my job simple.


I am worried that I may miss something.  I may not see a child’s delight when opening a special gift.  I may not spend as much time with an older family member as we both need.  I may not actually taste (not eat – TASTE) a special holiday treat.  I might miss the majesty that is involved in the Christmas mass.  I might not experience the cold night air.  I might miss one silly thing that will happen this year, that will make me smile far into the future.  I might miss a moment.

After all, it only takes a moment…

You need to be on the look out for these moments as well.  You need to look up from the presents and be present.  Join me this year and put down the phone and pick up some memories.  We remember less of what we take pictures of.  Here is proof,  If you really want to remember a moment, try not to take a photo.


Praying you have a very happy and memorable Christmas!

An AMAZINGLY SIMPLE reminder to take a moment to be in the moment.



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