AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – What you are forgetting for Christmas!

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My house is falling apart.  In just the past week, due to recent events, I have felt anger, frustration, and sadness.  These feelings combined with my health issues and left me feeling hopeless.  Hopelessness leads to inaction and inaction leads to the clutter of life taking hold of both me and my home.  As I look around at this mess, I feel despair and I think I might just ride the  downward spiral chute that is beckoning me.  The pit is waiting…

But WAIT!  It’s advent, a season completely dedicated to HOPE.  What I am missing out on is the magic in preparing for the Lord!  My kids are giddy with hope.  Their joy overflows (usually in some sort of loud, destructive manner)!  I need to remember (and harness) that feeling of hope!

We are given this time to prepare our homes and (more importantly) our hearts for God!  What if you got a call text message that the Blessed Mother, pregnant with Baby Jesus was coming to your house?  (P.S. The baby is due on the 25th)  I would be so excited that I would start preparing immediately.  This is the excitement we should feel every year.


Let’s be like children looking towards Christmas.  Let’s let God handle the big atrocities of current events (because he already has) and search our souls for the JOY that this season brings.

When you worry, you are NOT trusting GOD.  I invite you to join me as I start climbing the ladder out of the pit of my house.  I trust that God is in heaven and will take care of all of us.  I think I need to go wash some dishes and put up a few more decorations, because God is not going to do that for me.  (I mean really He has done enough!)

And I think we need a little Christmas, now!

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to get back on track this Christmas season!





One Reply to “AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – What you are forgetting for Christmas!”

  1. Oh Bridgette. I am so sorry. I do hear the despair in your voice and I will be praying for your healing mentally and physically. Sorry about your feeling of hopelessness and despair. So glad to hear you have found a way to climb out of your rut though. Remembering the reason for the season and seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child (and especially Mary’s child) sure will help to turn things around. I’m sure more prayers will not hurt either so you can count on that from me my friend. ❤️ Thank you for speaking from your heart in these blogs. It is so refreshing nowadays. By the way, Faith and I had a chat on text today and I enjoyed it. Looking forward to her visit this winter. Anytime is ok with us. Merry Christmas to you all!! May the spirit of Christmas be overflowing in your heart again soon. Love you! Aunt Barb

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