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Today is Holy Saturday, the final day of lent.  Today we do our final preparations for Easter, both physical and spiritual.  As we remember Jesus’ entombment, today can be a sorrowful day.  We also anticipate the resurrection on Easter and are given a rising hope for what is to come.


To unite ourselves with the Lord on this Holy Saturday.  Allow yourself to feel sorrow and silence.

Give yourself 40 minutes of          pure          silence          .


Go out in nature, go to your church or chapel, sit in your car, or just stay home.  The location is not as important as the actual silence.  Turn OFF your phone (not just silence).  If you need to, let your family know what you are doing.  Don’t speak.  Don’t play music.  Turn off the tv.


Allow yourself to hear sounds that you usually overlook.  Allow yourself to listen to your inner soul.  Then listen for God’s voice.  This can be truly powerful.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to make your final preparations for Easter.






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