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Today is Good Friday.  The 39th day of lent is a bitter sweet type of day.  On this day Jesus suffered, died, and was buried.  On this day people did not know that he would rise again.  Knowing what Jesus had to endure for our salvation makes me feel for Him.  It makes His sacrifice poignant and personal.  As a mother, I am also touched by what had to be the incredibly intense suffering of his mother as she watched the events unfold.


As humans, similar experiences, unite us with one another.  Today, to unite with Christs suffering, do 39 minutes of something painful.  This is obviously a truly personal choice, as we are pained by different things.  Take up your cross, and like Jesus, be strong in your convictions, and suffer without complaint.  Imagine your suffering easing just a tiny bit of Jesus’ suffering for us.  Try hard to not let anyone know of your suffering.  Do what needs to be done for the common good.


The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to take up your cross on Good Friday.



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