AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Cannibalism, and what did they do with Judas’ food?

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Holy Thursday was a really busy day for Jesus.  He established the Sacrament of Communion, established The Priesthood, and showed us how to have mass.  He established the True Presence in communion.  He had a Passover supper with his disciples.  The last supper.  He told one of his followers to go betray Him, because He knew not only that it was going to happen, but that it NEEDED to.  He washed the feet of the disciples and told us to humble our self righteous selves and do the same.  A remarkable amount of work changing the lives of millions, for thousands of years, IN JUST ONE DAY.


Today, along with your usual observance of the day (whether you attend the Chrism Mass, the Washing of the Feet Mass, fast, or spend time in prayer), I ask you to make a donation of food, to those who need it.  If Jesus thought it important enough to feed people (on more than one occasion), we should do the same.

Today is the 38th day of lent.  Donate 38 food items to a local food pantry.  I bet you could go through your cupboards today and find 38 things you bought for your family that could be donated.  Don’t just donate the things that no one is eating, donate your FAVORITE foods.  Your favorites are often other peoples favorites too.  Kindness is giving someone bread, loving kindness is putting a little jelly on it.  Give the jelly too!


Another option is to donate $38 to a food based charity.  A local food pantry (often they can use cash to provide needed fresh produce), Meals on Wheels (meals for elderly and disabled shut ins that also provide a friendly face), Blessings in a Backpack (feeding needy children and their families over the weekends), Heifer International (supporting a sustainable giving model), The Hunger Project (focusing on giving people the ability to provide for their families), Bread for the World Institute (focusing on working with world leaders to institute policy changes), Feeding America (rescuing food that would otherwise be wasted), or any other charity that makes sense to you.

So what did they do with Judas’ food?  I have no idea, but I’m sure it didn’t go to waste.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to acting more like Jesus on Holy Thursday.



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