AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – You need a Break!

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Having balance in life is essential.  I am often telling you things that you need to do on this blog to simplify your life or to declutter your mind and home.  That can sometimes cause short term stress in order to gain long term calm.  Today, all I ask is that you take a simple break.  No, not calling in sick and cancelling all of your plans, just taking a few minutes to enjoy life and smile.

Here is one way that I love to take a little mental health vacation.  I watch an episode or twelve of Dry Bar Comedy.  These stand up comics all have “clean” material, which is especially helpful if there are other people that might see or hear what you are watching.  Take a break today and watch a few!  It is especially helpful when the stress is creeping in.

You can get Dry Bar Comedy through Alexa, Siri, or Google, or you can just type it into YouTube.  A great way to have a quick laugh.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to have a happy Monday!



P.S.  I am not in anyway sponsored by or affiliated with Dry Bar Comedy.  I just love to laugh!  Haha haHa!  Long and Loud and Clear!

For those of you that made it this far, I have a bonus clip for you, my favorite comic Jim Gaffigan.

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