AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Don’t crap up your crapper!

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Today is the 36th day of lent!  You are probably planning and preparing for Easter by now.  Today I would like you to do a good decluttering of your bathroom(s).  Remove at least 36 items from this room and you will be even more prepared for Easter.  A decluttered bathroom is easier, and faster, to clean.


Some things can be quickly removed (like the empty toilet paper tubes that you were keeping a stash of for some unknown reason…).  But I want you to go deeper than that.

Let go of:

  • makeup that you don’t use regularly, haven’t used in a long time, or bought ages ago.
  • cotton balls or other items you thought you needed in your bathroom that nobody uses.
  • any hair color or removal items that you aren’t using.
  • empty bottles and containers.
  • first aid supplies that are old or funky (you aren’t going to use that discolored band aid).
  • decorations that are just collecting dirt.
  • toiletries that you just don’t like.  (toothpaste that tastes horrible, deodorant that doesn’t work, anything that makes you itch!)
  • towels or washcloths that are thread bear.
  • menstrual items that aren’t your favorites.
  • razors that are out to hurt you.
  • cleaning supplies that you don’t use or are toxic.
  • medications (this is NOT the safest place for medicine for a long list of reasons!)
  • anything that is supposed to smell good that doesn’t.
  • free samples! (PERIOD!)
  • and anything that has been in your bathroom long enough to collect dust.


Deep clean your bathroom after you declutter it today and you will only need to do a quick bathroom cleaning on Saturday to be ready for Easter.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to make cleaning your bathroom easier!



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