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Clean out your car!  Everybody has at least twenty things in their car that they can let go of easily.  I drive a black VW van, (the pictured one above is my van’s alter ego) and four messy kiddos make it a challenge to keep it tidy.

To clean a car:  – Grab a trash bag and a laundry basket and pull EVERYTHING out!  You can tell how long it has been since you cleaned it out last by counting the church bulletins.


I like to be prepared for just about anything.  My solution is to pack five bags that stay in my trunk and get “topped off” each time I do a major clean out.

  • Clothes – An outfit (seasonally flexible – think t-shirt and hoodie – not just one or the other) including all underthings and one pj or loungewear per person (including adults) labeled with the family members name.
  • Food, water, drinks – that are as shelf stable and easy to serve as possible.  (Including dishes/ utensils)
  • Personal care little stuff – Toiletries, medicines (including some prescription), first-aid kit, feminine hygiene products, castile soap, CPR facemask and gloves (as a professional rescuer I have a duty to respond).
  • Car stuff – Jumper cables, flash light, gloves, fix a flat, tools, duct tape, crazy gorilla glue.
  • Personal care big stuff – Paper towels, hand sanitizer, garbage bags, zippy bags, baby wipes, diapers/ pull-ups/ overnights.

* I also keep one glove box full of stickers, playing cards, and kids meal toys and books/ magazines that my kiddos have never seen. (I don’t believe in toys and food having a connection so I “steal” the toy if anyone gets this type of meal.)

** The other glove box has the usual – paper, pen, flashlight, cash, multi-tool, manual, etc.

Keeping these organized bags allows me to completely empty the rest of the van without worrying about “what if’s”.  My husband calls it my giant purse on wheels.  But he has benefitted many times from my system.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to clean out organize your car.




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