AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Do you need an ID for that?

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For day 21 of our Lenten challenge, go through your liquor cabinet and all of the associated glassware and serveware and let go of 21 items.  Just like most other things, the personal preference of each person will place value on different items.  If you like drinking beer on the beach you might really love the flip flop bottle opener.  If you only drink martinis or wine these would be a total waste.


Start with any liquor you have.  If you aren’t running a speakeasy out of your home, you don’t need very many liquors to appease most people.  If there is a big layer of dust on something, it doesn’t automatically make it more valuable.  Do you have multiple bottles of the same liquor?  Do you have bottles that were given to you years ago and still have not opened?  Re-gift these to someone who will appreciate them.


Then go through your serving ware.  How many bottle openers do you really need?  (Hint, the answer is ONE!)  Do you have three cork removers that don’t work?  Do you have mixing cups you don’t know how to use?  If you can do the cocktail mixing scene yourself, then keep them!  Otherwise it is time to let them go.

How about glasses?  Do you have twelve different glasses for different types of cocktails and liquors and you do all of your drinking from a dixie cup or a red solo cup?  Get rid of what you don’t use.  You are not sophisticated because you were given glasses for your wedding that you have never used.


Removing the clutter from your liquor cabinet will make it easier to enjoy the items you decide to keep.  All I need is a Corona, a lime, a beach, and Tom Cruising (wearing bottle opener flip flops).

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to have a drink in peace.



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