AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – One Yard at a Time

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It’s been a long, cold winter here in Ohio.  It has been officially spring for a week now.  The temperature is currently in the twenties.  According to the weather app on my phone, it is going to be in the fifties by early afternoon.  I am sharing my weather with you to help you understand that I have been waiting for a little warm up to go outside.  People in the south have winter coats on when it is fifty degrees.  I assure you, there will be people at our local WalMart wearing shorts and flip flops.


Today I ask you to let go of 19 things in your yard.  Not your garage or car (don’t worry, we will get to those soon!).  Today, just focus on your land.  If you don’t have land, you could do the same type of thing at a local park.  Basically, find somewhere outside that needs a tidy.

Here’s the plan:

  • Put on grungy outdoor clothes that are appropriate for the weather where you live.
  • Grab a garbage bag or can.
  • Walk around outside.
  • Fill the bag with trash.
  • Look for other items in your yard that can go in the compost, recycling, or be donated, or sold.


You might think that your yard is perfectly tidy and that you won’t find anything out of place or un-needed.  I think this challenge will be easier than you think!

In my yard today:

  • There is garbage on the front lawn from the high-school kids walking to and from school.
  • A pile of pots was knocked over sometime during the winter and broke.  We will try to recycle the plastic ones if we can clean them enough and I will keep the shards of the terra cotta ones for the bottom of other pots.
  • My kiddos broke a few toys and the parts are strewn across the yard.
  • My kiddos grew! and now some of their toys are just too small and babyish for them.  Donating or selling these items.
  • There is an empty bubble container.  I’m sure if we look long enough we will find the wand also.  Both can be recycled.
  • We have a tree that drops the most revolting giant balls.  We call them monkey balls and they are the cause of much turmoil at my house because they are strong and round, so if you step on one you take a ride before falling on your bum.  These go in the compost.


  • Our drive way has a few items that “fell unnoticed” out of our cars.  I don’t believe this, but they need picked up either way.  Mostly trash but I think I see a canning jar out there…
  • I could keep going, but this is getting embarrassing…

Please share what crazy items you find in your yard, if nothing else, it makes us all feel like we aren’t alone!

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to tidy your yard.



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