AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Are you practicing Safe Stuff!?

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After having my keys stolen, I had to replace a lot of things.  Not just keys, but the little plastic cards that you use at the grocery store and library, and most recently, my safe.

Since the keys to my old lock box were stolen, we had to “break in” to our own safe.  After all there were REALLY important things in there!  My husband and daughter got on to the scary side of the internet and had a surprisingly young child walk them through how to do this.  With no experience in lock picking they were able to successfully open our safe.  The only tools they needed were two paperclips.


This made me rethink how safe these items actually are from a real criminal (or anyone with internet access really).  I finally bought a new lock box.  I have chosen a bigger (albeit heavier box) with a few extra deterrent features, waterproof, fireproof, and with a quick access code for emergency access to a firearm.  I am sure there are better ones out there but I got the best quality I could for the money I had available for this purchase.

I thought it would be easy to just transfer all of the items from one lock box to the other, but I was wrong.  Looking at items that have just sat there for years, I realized that some items are just as valuable to me (passports, birth certificates, cash) and some are actually now garbage (my really old tax returns, a title for a car we donated to our fire department so they could light it on fire, empty envelopes).  I also have changed how I feel about some personal items, like jewelry (some more and some less special to me).


I found a really nice dive table for SCUBA diving that I don’t remember adding to my lock box.  It is totally replaceable and probably the very last thing a robber would steal.  I mention this because I haven’t gone on a dive for YEARS.  Which means I haven’t gone through this stuff in a long time.  I think I just add stuff and don’t really remove anything.  It doesn’t need to be in here and I wouldn’t know to look here for it, even if I wanted it.


It’s time to look through your valuables.  Try to let go of 18 items today.  Throw away, give away, sell, shred or burn your items as needed.  Then spend a little bit of time organizing what is left.  Go right now and get the other items that are floating around your house right now and should be stored here.

I would love to hear what silly things you have been hanging on to!  Please share in the comments below.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to clear away and organize your valuables.



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