AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Do you have a Receipt for That ?

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Today is the 15th day of lent!  Today’s challenge should be an easy one for most of you.  I challenge you to look around your home and find 15 receipts to throw away.  Check your purse, wallet, desk, car, coat pockets, etc.  If the receipt is something you have already consumed (food, toilet paper, soap) you definitely don’t need them anymore.  You probably don’t need any receipts for Christmas presents at this point either.  (I’m looking at you, pile of package insert receipts from Amazon and eBay.)

For major, expensive purchases, (or for your gas receipts if you can claim them) you can take a picture or scan the receipt into your computer to keep a digital copy for insurance or tax purposes.  (Yes, the IRS does accept digital receipts. IRS Rev. Proc. 97-22 says that you can prepare and transfer documents to the IRS by digitizing paper documents to an electronic storage medium that lets the IRS view them without using the software application that created them.)


Unfortunately most receipts are printed on a paper that is coated with a bpa plastic – it can actually be absorbed into your skin and the use of alcohol based hand sanitizers will actually increase the amount that you absorb.  Oh yeah, and the bpa coating makes it so you can’t recycle it either.  To help with this situation, ask for a digital receipt from retailers and refuse the paper copy.  If you do this early in your transaction a paper copy will not even be printed.

Also remember that if you don’t buy anything, you don’t get any receipts.  I know that we all need to buy some things, but cutting back on purchases will automatically cut down on the amount of receipts in your home.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to drastically reduce the paper receipt clutter in your life.



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