AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Can you hear my voice?

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Today, I challenge you to delete at least 14 voice mail messages, or if you still have one, answering machine messages.

With everyone carrying a personal cell phone and text messaging, why is voice mail even still a thing?  8 trillion texts are sent each day.  That is 15.2 million texts per minute!  I can read a text while doing other things.  Something I can’t always do with a voice mail.  This is so convenient, I think voice mail is on the way out.  When I look at my phone and I see a voice message from someone, my gut reaction, (and what I usually do) is just to call them or text them to see what they wanted.   This leaves the voicemail just hanging out on my phone.


Today I went through them and found way more than 14 messages that I was able to delete without hesitation.  Most of them were from doctors offices reminding me of appointments that I had already gone to or the pharmacy letting me know that prescriptions were ready that have already been picked up.  The few remaining were from my parents or my in-laws.  These messages were basically saying “Hi, I called you to say “hi”, call me back when you have a chance.”  I think the older you are, the more compelled  you may feel to leave a voice message instead of just hang up and trust the phone to tell that person that you called.

In fact, of all the messages on my voice mail, only one had something I needed.  My roofer left his cell phone number, so I don’t have to call the office to talk to him.  That is actually a helpful piece of information.  Of course he could have texted that to me…

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to clear out your voice mail.



One Reply to “AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Can you hear my voice?”

  1. You write so well and I am enjoying your blog so much. You are exactly right that I need to go through my phone and delete the voice mails (and alot of my duplicate pictures, as well.) Thank you for always reminding me of these “amazingly simple” things that I really need to do ! Love you !


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