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Today we are going through our purses!  If you don’t have a purse, you probably have a go to bag of day to day stuff and you can go through that.  I have to say that I am NO role model when it comes to my purse.  Although, I am minimal about a lot of things, I have “prepper like tendencies”  that find their way into my root cellar, car trunk, and you guessed it, my PURSE!  I recently had a major abdominal surgery.  As part of my recovery, I have been instructed to not pick up or carry anything weighing over 2 pounds.  This has been weird for me since I started venturing out of the house and my friends and family members have to carry my purse for me.


This is the bag that I bought for myself to use as a purse.  It has tons of different pouches and compartments that I just love.  However, the opening on the laptop section was not big enough for my Alienware, so I gave this one to my daughter (her laptop fits).





Here is the bag that my husband was given to store our D&D stuff.  I dumped out all of our gaming stuff and use this as my purse most of the time.  It is HUGE.  I’m pretty sure it weighs more than my two pound allotment when it is empty.   It does have multiple carrying choices.  You can wear it as a backpack, carry it crossbody or carry it handbag style.




This is similar to the purse that my sister-in-law gave me (mine has a kitty cat pattern).  I use it whenever I don’t need (or want) to bring my laptop with me.  It is definitely smaller and lighter, but still weighs way more than is healthy to be lugging around.


I have two purses (most women my age have more than 6).  Getting rid of any purses you don’t use is the first step.  Together, lets get rid of 15 items from inside our bags!

Here is a list of more than 50 items found in my purse or Fifi’s today.  Mirror, mints, cell phone, make up, debit cards, gift cards, loose change, pepper spray, sunglasses, dental floss, chapstick, nail file, receipts, pens, medicine, hand sanitizer, gum, perfume, deodorant, camera, keys, candy, a bag, checkbook, business cards, wallet, tissues, toys, wipes, books, comic books, day timer, band aids, safety pins, ID, reading glasses, flash drive, I-pod, hair ties, coupons, tampons/ pads, water bottle, playing cards, hair brush/ comb, whistle, lighter, leatherman, snacks, notebook, first aid kit, clothes, diapers.


I am taking my own advice and removing 15 items from my purse.  My purse is organized into little pouches, so it was pretty easy to go through each “category” of purse supplies.  There was quite a lot of trash in there, a few expired coupons, multiple dental flosses, grocery lists and adds from past shopping trips, and more toys, books and wipes than my kids should need for a week.  In less than 10 minutes, I was able to clean out, re-organize, and remove 15 items from my purse.



The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to remove 15 items from your purse.

Share what you found in your purse, in the comments below!



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