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It all started when I opened the bag and looked inside…

Dude and I picked up our farm share today.  This is a routine occurrence in our house.  We have been a part of a few different CSA’s in the past half dozen or so years.  We are currently members of Fresh Fork.  Fresh Fork totes itself as a “farm buying club” and it is just as much fun as it sounds.  At least it is if you are on a constant search for whole foods that are, locally sourced, ethically produced, organic or at least non-GMO, and the freshest food available.  We often get food that has been picked, produced, and/or processed that morning.

Fresh Fork offers different eating options (carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan) and sizes to accommodate most people.  We have a family of six, and most of us have huge appetites so we are currently getting two different bags and a full access plan that allows us a discount on add-on extras at each pick-up.


Here’s the secret that they don’t tell you – these bags make you a shining star of a super-mom!  I don’t have to spend all day grocery shopping and deciding what to feed my family.  I often go to the grocery store with a weird list (bananas, cereal, and beer) because we only have to get the items that we don’t get from our farm share.  I also look like I plan lots of different meals because I just cook what we are sent.

Here’s the kicker with CSA’s though – they often send something crazy that you might not recognize.  This is usually part of the fun.  I get a funny looking vegetable and I google WTF CSA? and I figure out what I have and what to do with it. Then I look like a rock-star mom who feeds her family an amazingly wide range of healthy foods.
…but today, TODAY WAS DIFFERENT. I opened my bag and there it was…


I knew this item was coming, we went to visit our farm in September and we saw the cute little ducklings.  I grew up working on a friends farm.  I know how these things work.  I also spent more than 10 years of my life as a dedicated vegan.  My husband is a real meat and potatoes man.  We have agreed to raise our babies vegan until they can make their own decision about how they would like to eat.  Then, if they choose to eat dairy, eggs, and/or meat we feed them high quality, humanely raised animals.  So, I agreed to this…

L.L. is watching Julia Child cook a duck.  She makes it look easy.

Today, do something AMAZINGLY SIMPLE, even if it scares you.



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