We did it!  We cooked the duck.  I had so many people ask me for a follow up on my blog AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – What the Duck?! that today I am giving you what you asked for!

L.L. got this dvd/cookbook for his birthday last year and we use it for lots of recipes.  I like being able to watch the tutorial a few times and then still have the written recipe in front of me while I am cooking.


I searched the internet and I couldn’t find a video or a posting that uses these basic recipes anywhere on-line.  We got this from ebay for not very much money ($10-$15) and it is an amazing resource.  The copyright is 1985, but some things don’t change.  Anyway I couldn’t recommend it more if you can find one.  Here is the recipe we used.



So how did it go?

I borrowed a pan from some library friends (Thank you Shawn and Jenny), because I didn’t have a pan with a draining rack, which is apparently pretty important with a duck.  Well I burned myself with the grease when I tilted the pan towards myself, so I can tell you ducks are greasy.  This is also why you don’t have a pretty picture of the roasted duck.  I was totally swearing at that greasy bird.  sorry.

Aside from the one mishap, we followed the directions closely.  I used my sons new knives and actually cut out the whish bone and carved out the tendons just like Julia told me to.  Though to be honest I sweared at her a little too.  We even made the cracklings.

My DH was on night shift so he missed the whole event (which is probably a good thing).  All four of my kids ate and loved the duck.  L.L. claimed the legs for himself, but everyone else got some of the breast and some cracklings and they ate it all.

As for me, all I could think of was our visit to our farm last season.  Here is an actual picture I took with my phone while we were there.


I felt like that cute little guy in the middle was looking right at me.  I also believed that he knew (like I did) what was going to happen.  So, I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t eat that little fuzzy duckling.  Such is the life of me, the super sensitive overthinker.

As for the whole process, it wasn’t any harder than any other meal I have made.  It just was something I had never tried before.  It scared me, although I don’t know why.  I hope that doing this will make my kids fearless in the future.

Do something AMAZINGLY SIMPLE that scares you.  It might not be that bad.





  1. This article was great! It is fun to do things that scare you once in a while. Sorry you burned yourself. You are brave and one strong cookie and that is what counts . What an unforgettable experience for the kids. Thanks for the update!

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