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I have hated plastic for a long time.  It isn’t good for us or our planet.  It’s hardly ever recycled, and it never really goes away.  Read my posts AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Refuse to buy into plastic, and AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Will Joan Rivers ever decompose? Do you eat plastic? And other important questions!

Plastic free July (PFJ) has arrived!  For more information on the movement, click HERE!

This year, I am inviting you to join me in celebrating PFJ by making ONE simple change.  Most people mean well, but are overwhelmed by just how far they have to go to become 100% plastic free.  What I want you to do is focus on one small change.

Regardless of where you are in your plastic free journey, you CAN make one change.  Practice this all month and it will become a habit.  Maybe you will become inspired to make another change next month.

Bring your reusable cup to your favorite coffee house, drink out of a cup without a plastic straw (just say “no thanks”), bring a reusable water bottle with you, buy the glass bottle instead of the plastic, make your own toiletries or cleaning supplies, or listen to Tim Minchin and take your canvas bags when you go shopping!  (Go ahead and try to get this song out of your head.  What a great use for an ear-worm!)

Don’t shop until you need something, but when you do, here is a website that I have used for difficult to find plastic free items.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to a productive Plastic Free July!




One Reply to “AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – PFJ Make one tiny change!”

  1. We do pretty well with reusable qater bottles, coffe cups and such…but im terrible about bringing canvas bags to the grocery when I go…so July is the month I’m going to form a new habbit of bring them with me!!


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