AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Will Joan Rivers ever decompose? Do you eat plastic? And other important questions!

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Plastic is everywhere!

Plastic leaches into our food.  Surely, you have heard of this phenomenon.  It happens in a bunch of different ways.  Plastic doesn’t break down like natural materials.  Plastics can last thousands of years and maybe (probably) FOREVER.  All the plastic that has ever been made still exists today.  A plastic bag that we think has broken down has probably only broken into smaller and smaller pieces.

The average person eats 36lbs of seafood a year.  There are over 260 species of sea life that we know eat non-biodegradable plastic materials.  Some lantern-fish have been found with 83 pieces of plastic in their stomaches.  Lantern fish are a major source of food for tuna and mahi-mahi.  So if you eat seafood, you are probably eating plastic garbage.

Even if you don’t consume animals, you will be affected.  83% of the worlds tap water has micro plastic in it.  We are drinking plastic – eeeewww!

Some of the chemicals in plastic are absorbed by our bodies and can do damage – this can happen if you use plastic dishes or storage (you know how your plastic storage containers turn a reddish color after you keep tomato sauce in it – the same thing is happening in reverse – you just can’t see it)  THIS IS LEECHING – and lets not even talk about what happens if you microwave it  (PLEASE DON’T!).  Plastic definitely affects our hormones.  Exactly how much and in what ways is still up for debate.  I will let you do your own research (trust me it is ALL bad).  All of the news in this realm is bad news. Plastic microbeads have been banned in the UK, but here everything is on the table.  I suggest you leave it there.

What can we do?  Let’s take it one step at a time.  Go through this list and try to find a couple of things that you can implement in your house.

Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!  Only one in five single use water bottles is currently recycled. We can do way better than that!

Donate your plastic items.  If someone else can use your items, they won’t have to buy them new, which eliminates the need to have one produced for them.

Get everyone in your family a non-plastic, reusable water bottle and get everyone in the habit of using them.  (Don’t forget to get rid of the rest of them!)

Explore alternative food storage.  I love my glass – it can handle all different temperatures, it comes completely clean, and it looks nice.

Make your own personal care items.  You will know exactly what is in them and you can keep them in non plastic containers too!

Bring your own bags to any store!  I tend to forget to grab them, so I started keeping them in the trunk, and that has helped me to have them right where I need them.

When you decide to buy something, look into non-plastic varieties – you can get plastic free toothbrushes, combs, brushes, straws, sandwich bags, diapers, sponges, scrub brushes, brooms, buckets, baby bottles, Easter eggs, oh yeah and TOYS!

Don’t buy plastic!  Even BPA free is still plastic.  Look for alternatives like glass, wood, and steel.  Also be mindful of packaging and buy products with minimal, natural packaging.

Don’t get plastic injected ANYWHERE in your body.  The plastic free you is BEAUTIFUL!

It’s AMAZINGLY SIMPLE to get plastic OUT of your life!


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