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On average, we spend 2.5 days a year looking for things.  What would you rather do with your time?

I hate the feeling of looking for something.  That pit that wells up in your stomach and feels like a rock and the shear terror when you start to think you may NEVER find the item.  The pain of wondering if you are going to be on time is madness.

Today lets get rid of 25 items of clutter that are causing us to spend more time looking for things.  There are four things that we look for the most.  I bet you can guess what they are.


REMOTE CONTROLS – We are getting more of these rather than less.  We should be able to walk up to the telley and push a button that makes the remote control beep.  We have that technology! right?  Anyway, before you have to start ripping your couch apart, again!, let’s organize this area of your life.  Get rid of remotes that don’t do anything.  Make a place for those that do.  A basket or tray can save hours of time spent looking.  Take a hint from hotels and put some Velcro on the remote and the wall for an air conditioner or fan remote.  Then get everything else out of that place.


PHONES – This should be an easy fix.  Have a designated place for your phone.  Hint, not your pocket, whenever you are at home.  A docking station, is a good idea.  A long, colorful, charging cord is an even better idea.  Donate all of your old phones and accessories!


KEYS – Have a place for your keys, a bowl or set of hooks, and train everyone to put them there.  Get rid of keys that you don’t need.  Then say a prayer.  With our teen now driving and a single driveway, we are shuffling cars constantly, but it helps that everyone knows where the keys are supposed to be.


GLASSES – I struggle here.  I don’t wear my glasses much at home.  When I decide to leave I have to look for them, and how are you supposed to find them when you can’t see?  My advice, which I follow, is to have one place to keep them.  I keep them on a little table next to my bed.  I have four children and two cats and sometimes they “fall” off of that table. ..

Spending a little time now can save you DAYS later.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to find what you are looking for.




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