AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – 11 things you give up when you buy organic.

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Eleven things to give up today, in one easy step.  Make the switch to organics an you will give up:

  1. Antibiotics – Spraying, feeding, injecting or otherwise “treating” our foods with antibiotics is not healthy for us.  A worrying amount of non-organic foods contain dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria.  We personally found foods that we thought my daughter was allergic to she isn’t actually allergic to.  She does have a few major antibiotic allergies, and the foods we thought she was allergic to are actually the most heavily “treated” with antibiotics.  She can eat these foods without any problems if we choose organic.
  2. Genetically Modifies Organisms – The non-GMO project has a good explanation of what GMOs are.  They should be avoided whenever possible.  While all non-GMO items are not organic.  Organic items are ALLWAYS non-GMO.thZDG37G39
  3. Carcinogens – 90% of all fungicides and 30% of all insecticides are KNOWN carcinogens.  Carcinogens are toxic and linked directly to cancer.
  4. Artificial coloring/ synthetic dyes – Are linked to ADHD, cancer, and a slew of other diseases.  Most countries (and even the European Union) have regulations that either outlaw or at least require labelling of these ingredients.  In the United States  manufacturers pour over 15 million pounds of these dyes into our foods each year(and this number only accounts for eight of the many dyes available).   Thank you to ePainAssist for this infographic.         health-risks-artificial-food-coloring
  5. Artificial flavoring – See the results of number four on our list and add a bunch of lung disease to the mix.
  6. Synthetic fertilizers – On top of the many environmental reasons synthetic fertilizers are not healthy (see this article for a quick education) there are also many individual health concerns with synthetic fertilizers.  Foods grown with these fertilizers are nutritionally deficient.  They have been linked to diseases including, kidney damage, cancer, and respiratory distress.          th9YLBFZTL
  7. Added hormones – like Bovine Growth Hormone which has been linked to increasing your cancer risk.  Speculation about long term effects of these hormones are yet to be seen, but according to scientists could be disastrous.
  8. Food poisoning – The CDC reports that 76 million Americans suffer from food poisoning each year.  Very few of these are ever linked to any organic foods.   untitled
  9. Pesticides – Pesticides are toxic to your health and our environment.  Consumer Reports found that 77% of non-organic foods found at the grocery store contain pesticides.
  10. Allergies – Organic foods have been proven to help people who suffer from allergies.  Their symptoms are often lessened or removed when switching to an organic diet.
  11. Money – Okay, I would be lying if I said that sometimes organics are more expensive.  But, the more people who buy into organics, the cheaper they will become.  This is another way to vote with my money.  There was a time (not that long ago) when everything was organic.    I like to think of this quote from .  After all, medical care is way more expensive than organic food!6acdfe5d62909ccefd72ab91eb419947

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to remove toxic chemicals from your life!




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