AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Go F ix Yourself!

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Kintsugi (also known as kinsukoroi) is the Japanese form of repairing things that are broken with gold, silver, copper or platinum.  This makes things that are broken, not only useful again, but more beautiful then before it was broken.

Apartment therapy has a great article with pictures highlighting kintsugi in indoor structures.  It is so beautiful, it will make you want to go bust something just to patch it with gold.

I think there is a metaphor for life here.  Our history and scars can cause us to be more beautiful people if they are taken care of in a loving manner.  After all Chicks dig scars!

Today I invite you to FIX 10 things.  If you can’t find ten things around your house that could use a little fix up, then you are either perfect or not looking.  What do you have that you have been putting off?  What projects did you start that you have not finished?  It is okay to let go of an unfinished project or a repair project that has been sitting around for too long.  I have been known to mend an item, only to find out that it no longer fits its’ original owner.

I myself have an overflowing basket of mending.  I will be spending some time sewing cute patches into the knees of my sons pants, and repairing a dinosaurs tail and a dolls belly button.  I’m not sure why I put this off, once I start it doesn’t take very long to fix these items.  I love to incorporate the sashiko style of mending to give my patches just a little extra love.  It is like kintsugi but with fabric!


We also have some hinges that are a little off and a sink that is a little “wiggly” so I will probably be putting my husband to work a little also.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to meaningfully fix or repair 10 items!






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