AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – The only thing you have to know – Part 2

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So by now, I hope you have done your GO TO THE LIBRARY homework.  If you have, the next challenge will be quite easy for you!

Today, I challenge you to go through your families movie collection and get rid of AT LEAST HALF of your collection.  Here’s how:

1. Collect all of the movies in your house to one location (a cleared off dining room table works well) – ALL of them!  Digital, BlueRay, DVD, VHS, BETA, Reel to Reel? – I don’t care what format or who owns it, just get them and put them all in one place.

2. Look at your big pile and wonder how much money you have spent on all these movies (now forgive yourself and/or your family members – and move on!)

3. Now sit down (are you comfy? this might take a few minutes)

4. Pick up the first movie and ask yourself;
When is the last time someone watched this movie?  (If it is more than a year ago, let it go!)
Is this a movie that you want your family to watch?  (If you got the movie through VidAngel how much of it would be cut?  Is it appropriate?  Do you agree with the message?  Do you want your kids to be influenced in this way?)
Is this movie one that you only watch one or two times a year or less?  (Can you get it from the library for those few times that you want to see it?  YES!!!!)
Do you have multiple copies of this movie?  (And NO you don’t need it in more than one format!)

5. Do you even have a way to view these movies?  (It is not uncommon to have BETA Tapes and no player – why?  Some people only use their digital collection but keep all of their hard copies – THIS IS NOT OKAY!  GET RID OF THINGS THAT ARE NOT CONTRIBUTING TO YOUR LIFE!)

6. Sort and organize your favorite movies.

Most of our movies are in one zippered case (that’s right you don’t NEED the plastic cases! – Don’t forget to recycle!).  That being said – I did say MOST because my husband refuses to part with the cases for our collections (Star Wars, The Godfather, Back to the Future, Liberty’s Kids, Muzzy, The Magic Schoolbus, Where the F is Carmen Sandiego NOW?)

The rest are separated in the case by category – I like the catergory thing so no one has trouble (mostly me) finding their dvds:
little kids – Veggie Tales, Bible Man, Hermie, Little Einsteins, Etc.
family – Big, Harry Potter, The Princess Bride, Santa Claus, Etc.
home videos – kids performaces breakdancing, soccer, acrobatics, Etc.
teenybopper – Men in Black, Les Miserables, Pirates of the Caribean, Etc.

MY SECTION – Bourne Identity, Chicago, Clue, Jersey Boys, Lethal Weapon(s), Sean of the Dead, and Deadpool which is still in the plastic case because it is that good of a movie! (That is every movie I think is necessary to own – less than ten – please don’t judge – I know I like raunchy stuff that I deem inappropriate for everyone else – This is what insomniacs watch when everyone else is asleep.)

My DHs section – Fast and the Furious (1 – 84), Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Mummy, Super-heroes, Etc.

I agree that this is not a minimalist movie list – we have over 150 movies!  I am the only one in my house that thinks minimalism is a good idea when it comes to movies.

However, we have started getting rid of the ones we don’t watch anymore and we are in better shape than we used to be.  We definitely borrow more from the library and buy way less than we have in the past.  Progress is progress.

Don’t forget to tally your releases if you are keeping track!

What about you?  How many movies do you own?  How many can you get rid of?  What are the ones you will never part with because you LOVE them soooo much?

An AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to minimize your movie mayhem!


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