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Portrait Of Woman Taking Out Garbage In Bags

Upfront challenge: Grab a garbage bag and take a walk around your home.  Throw away 100 items.


That is not a typo!  Throw away 100 items!
In a house that probably has over 300,000 items in it – I bet you can find 100 items to throw away.  Here is a list for inspiration – but be creative, the sky is the limit.

1. Grocery store adds
2. Old batteries that don’t work
3. Make-up
4. Socks with holes
5. All the socks in that sock basket that are waiting for a mate
6. Any used sponge in your house (you too Mr.Clean)
7. Broken crayons
8. Pencils
9. Pens
10. Markers
11. Actual garbage
12. Business cards
13. Magazines
14. Cards (Christmas is over)
15. Magnets (That is not why you bought that fridge)
16. Old receipts
17. Matches
18. Manuals (You know you will just google it anyway)
19. Coffee mugs
20. Children’s artwork (be sly – don’t be mean)
21. Beauty products
22. Personal hygiene products (if it has dust on it, it is not making you cleaner)
23. Cleaning products (look in the back under the sink)
24. Hair rubber-bands (the ones that are stretched out or an ugly color)
25. Gifts that you received and don’t need
26. Gifts that you have in a re-gift pile that you haven’t found anyone to give it to
27. “Happymeal” toys
28. Broken toys
29. Pieces of toys or games that you no longer own
30. The pile of stuff you were gonna fix, but haven’t gotten around to
31. Single earrings
32. Doubles of photos
33. Spices that are old or you don’t use
34. Sample size or hotel size anything
35. Vases
36. Beer glasses, mugs, steins
37. Shot glasses
38. Glass or ceramic creatures
39. Nail polish
40. Plastic kitchen storage (Cool whip containers or Tupperware the color of spaghetti sauce)
41. Nail files
42. Bath mat (look underneath it – ewww!)
43. Old medicine
44. Take out ketchup and sauce
45. Disposable chopsticks and silverware
46. Old paint
47. Extra hangers
48. Old perfume or cologne
49. Extra headphones
50. DVDs
51. CDs
52. Casettes (you know you still have some) If you still have 8tracks or reel to reels, well…
53. Cookbooks
54. Old purses
55. Candles (especially the ones with the wick that you can’t light anymore)
56. Coupons (expired maybe)
57. Charging cords that don’t work properly or for an item you don’t use or even own anymore
58. Promotional T-shirts
59. Grocery store bags
60. Wrapping paper
61. Gift bags
62. Junk mail
63. Stuffed animals
64. Old notepads
65. Holiday decorations
66. Old cell phones
67. Any bag you got for free
68. Travel mugs
69. Wedding or other party favors
70. Old bridesmaid dresses (you aren’t going to wear it again – no matter how much you paid for it)
71. Take out menus
72. Alarm clock (your phone can do that too)
73. Pencil sharpeners (you will never have an emergency of any sort that requires more than one pencil sharpener)
74. Paperweights (I mean really?)
75. Snacks your pet doesn’t like
76. Snacks your kids don’t like
77. Travel brochures
78. Stockings with runs
79. Stockings without runs 🙂
80. Highlighters
81. Twisty ties
82. Key chains
83. Any cooking utensil you have more than one of (look in the back of the drawer)
84. Any knick-knack or t-shirt with the name of a city on it (possible exclusion of I heart NY – those ones are the only ones that are kinda cute)
85. Glasses that don’t match your set
86. Dishes that don’t match your set
87. The whole set of glasses for wine or bourbon or whatever that you don’t even drink
88. Keys if you don’t really know what they open or if you know, for anything you don’t own anymore – old house or car maybe?
89. Old Cd’s that have old computer programs that you are never going to use
90. Extra bubble wrap (pop it – you are allowed – you know you want to) or packing peanuts
91. Old combs or hairbrushes (you know those creepy ones)
92. Remote controls (if you aren’t sure – toss it – universal remotes are amazing)
93. Novelty cake molds (how often do you find yourself needing to make a Winnie-the-pooh cake?)
94. Chocolate molds
95. Hairdryer or vacuum attachments that are never used (it’s okay your vacuum will not be sad)
96. Old coolers and lunch boxes
97. Air fresheners
98. Towels with holes in them
99. Cookie cutters
100. Craft supplies or half done crafts

That being said – please recycle wherever you can and be careful when throwing away medicine (some fire/police stations will take them or mix them with old kitty litter).  Give when you can (the old towels and blankets are accepted and appreciated by lots or humane societies or vets), etc.  If you aren’t sure – google ” how do I get rid of…”.

Go – do it – I bet it is easier and quicker than you thought if would be.
Share your findings and how long it really took.  I bet you could open a junk drawer or desk or under a sink or a linen closet and do this in less time than it took to read this email!  Don’t forget to add it to your tally.

100 items gone the AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way!


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