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Today we are going to address a few hang-ups.  Okay, we are going to address all of our hang ups.  Basically anything in your house on a hanger.

1. Find something on a hanger (Clothes, coats, table cloths, ties, scarves, purses – ANYTHING you put on a hanger)

2. Take the item (hanger and all) and lift if off the bar

3. Think about the last time you wore/ used this item
a. I don’t remember
b. It didn’t fit
c. It didn’t feel nice – or didn’t work the way I wanted it to
d. It didn’t look nice
e. I remember but it was more than a month ago (for things that are in season) or more than 6 months ago (for things that are out of season)
f. If needed try it on (now!) I know if you have 12 pairs of black pants it is hard to know which ones are the GOOD ones – if they aren’t the good ones, well…
g. It has the tags on it

4. Anything that you answered a-g on gets released – donate as you see fit.

5. Anything that you are using, that fits, feels nice, and looks nice gets put back in the closet BACKWARDS.   That’s right, hang the hanger the WRONG way.

6. As you wear/ use the items – hang them back up the right way.  (If you take them off the hanger and don’t use them – get rid of them!)

We will come back to these backward hang-ups later.

You are allowed to switch out the creepy hangers (dry-cleaner, weird plastic color, etc.) for the nicer (all wood or at least the same color) hangers.  But don’t keep more than a handful of extra hangers (you might need these if you have items in the wash that need to be hung up).  Most thrift stores are looking for hanger donations, so be generous.  AND lots of hangers are recyclable (especially useful if they are broken).

Repeat as needed for every hanger in your house!
Please contact me with questions!
You CAN do this! One hanger at a time. (and we didn’t even need 12 steps!)

That’s it! AMAZINGLY SIMPLE closet cleaning.


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