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What are you saving?  What do you have around the house, that is just “too good” for everyday use?  Some people are holding on to a bottle of champagne.  The mentality is that “we will open this when something EXTRAORDINARY happens” and then we will celebrate.  Even if you aren’t holding on to an expensive bottle of champagne, you are probably holding on to SOMETHING.


Many times, I am called professionally when a family member passes away.  The family is left to sort through all of the deceased’ worldly possessions during their time of grief.  For most people this is an extremely trying time, and that is where I try to help.  I often can keep focus and infuse a little humor into this trying time.  What I can’t do is answer questions.

One that tends to come up over and over is “Why?”.  Yesterday, I was helping a family go through their mother’s/ grandmother’s belongings.  She had been using rags for washcloths and towels.  When we went a little further into her belongings we found whole sets of brand new, beautiful washcloths and towels that were completely unused.  And of course they asked “Why?”.

Families become upset whenever they see that their family member was using the lesser instead of the better.  We want our friends and families to enjoy what they have while they still can.  This becomes apparent too late, when someone dies.


Pippin, His Life and Times is one of my favorite musicals.  It is a fictional story about the real life son of Charlemagne.  He wants to be extraordinary and spends his life trying different roles that he thinks will make his life extraordinary and therefore important.  SPOILER ALERT: He eventually learns that for him, being “ordinary” is the most important and the most fulfilling life of all.  Most of us, like Pippin spend our lives searching for the next amazing thing, the extraordinary, the reason for our existence.   Although, it is important to have hopes and goals, we also need to celebrate today.  We need to learn that the ordinary is important.

This is the classic version of Pippin from the 80s.  It is a little dated.  The more recent revival features athletic circus performers that will blow you away with their skills.  I still love this older version with Michael Katt, Ben Vereen, Chita Rivera, and Martha Raye.

What are you saving for a “special” occasion. Some people save fancy soap or candles. For others it is a special food item or dishes, silverware, glassware, or table cloths that are too “good” for everyday use.  It could be a “dress up” outfit or shoes.  Maybe you even have furniture, a room in your house, or a vehicle that you are “saving” for a special occasion.  What are you saving it for?  Make today special!  Use the good stuff today.

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to celebrate the ordinary!



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