AMAZINGLY SIMPLE -Retire this Number

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23 is a number that is tired.  So today, on the 23rd day of lent, we will use the inspiration of athletes that have worn the number 23 to “retire” 23 sports related items from our homes.  I am tired just saying the number 23 that many times!

If you are into soccer (America) or football (everywhere else), or even if you aren’t!, you will think of David Beckham.  Sure you need a goal, but you can drop anything down and call that the goal lines.  Shin guards are usually required for team sports but hardly ever worn for pickup games.  The ONLY thing you NEED to play soccer is A BALL.  That is probably a leading reason why approximately 265 million people play soccer.  4% of the worlds population is actively involved in the game of football.  There are 2028 professional soccer teams in the world.  Go through your sporting goods and start weeding out what you don’t need.

If you like basketball the number 23 can bring you images of both Michael Jordan and Lebron James.  To play basketball you need only the two things in the name of the sport.  A basket (that’s what they started with – we would say a “hoop” today) and a ball.  If you have more than this (we all know you do) start getting rid of stuff.

If baseball is more your style, and you aren’t a kid, you will think of Don Mattingly.  Baseball requires a little more than basketball.  On top of the base and ball, a stick (or bat) is needed, a glove is nice, and to keep your brain on the inside, a helmet is a smart idea (pun was a happy coincidence).  Giving up the extras will make it easier to take care of what you do use.

For the hockey players out there, you probably think of Bobby Nystrom or Brian Bellows when you think of the number 23.  As a sport, hockey comes with a LOT of stuff!  However you REALLY don’t need multiples of any of it.  And PLEASE get rid of broken sticks (you know you have some)!  If your kiddos are involved in hockey it can be even worse.  Because kids outgrow gear so quickly, you absolutely need to go through your gear.  Extras should be donated to a friend or charity or sold to Play-it-again-Sports depending on your circumstances.

I can’t possibly cover all of the sports out there.  You know your sport and what you really NEED for that particular sport.  Try hard to get rid of at least 23 old, poor quality, ill fitting, duplicate, or seldom used sporting goods and you will find it quicker and easier to get in the game that you love!

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to practice sports equipment decluttering!



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