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On the seventh day of lent, I invite you to give up the seven deadly sins.  Pope Gregory made the list in the 6th century and it was popularized in the 14th century in the Canterbury Tales.  These seven vices are what lead to breaking the Ten Commandments.  If you think you don’t have a problem with these seven vices, then you are either lying to yourself or not human.


Pride:  Pride is a nicer sounding word for vanity.  This is when you think you and your actions are better than you actually are. You think you are so wonderful through your own actions.  The antidote to pride is humility, knowing that all of your talents are a gift from GOD.


Envy:  Envy (jealousy) is a feeling of resentment for another persons good fortune or joy.  Do you envy someone’s home, car, job, beauty, or just that they seem to have it all figured out.  Meekness and kindness are the ways to resolve envy.


Lust:  Lust is not the same as attraction.  Lust is an unrestrained sexual craving that changes people into objects.  The counter for lust is chastity, purity, and moderation.


Wrath/ Anger:  Wrath is kin with hostility and revenge.  It is okay to feel anger that someone hurt you or stole from you, but it is not okay to let these feelings take over to the point of hostility or revenge.  Patience, patience, patience is the virtue you need to overcome wrath.


Gluttony:  Gluttony is intentionally overconsuming food or alcohol.  Periodic fasting (restricting the amount of food you eat) and abstinence (avoiding meat or a favorite food) are the key to combat gluttony.


Greed:  Greed (sometimes called avarice) is when you have an excessive desire for earthly things.  Do you have a MASSIVE list of things you REALLY want (not need)?  Greed is removed through generosity and giving.


Sloth:  Sloth is laziness.  This is when you have a total lack of effort, not relaxing after a hard day of work, sloth is always wanting to rest and relax.  Sloth can also be connected to your prayer and spiritual life.  Combat sloth with diligence.

Work hard today to recognize and respond to the seven deadly sins as they run through your life.  Just thinking about and addressing how each one of these might impact your personal life is a great examination of conscience.  Take this list with you the next time you go to confession to get the full reconciliation from these sins.

For some reason, I feel like watching Seven now…

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to understand the seven deadly sins.






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