AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – 5 Unmatched Socks

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On the fifth day of lent my children brought to me, 5 UNMATCHED SOCKS!!!

Today, get out your sock basket, bag, bin, pile, hoard…  and match them.  This is not a hard chore.  If you have a kiddo around, let them do it.


Then look at the pile of leftover socks and sigh.  Okay, now get rid of them.  I know I’m not a wasteful person and MAYBE the match will eventually come through the wash, but lets be realistic here.  Do you even have a newborn to wear that tiny sock anymore? If by some miracle the other one came through the wash how upset would you really be?  Okay, now try to get rid of at least 5!  WHAT!?

You heard me right!   Get rid of them!  What are you keeping them for?  If you are feeling crafty and have the time, check out these Dobby Approved uses for a single sock.

Think about the time you waste trying to match the same unmatched socks.  Now take back your house.  It is time for your possessions to work for you.  YOU DON’T WORK FOR YOUR POSSESSIONS!  Spend that newly found (previously wasted time) doing something YOU want to do!


The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE way to part with unmatched socks.




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