AMAZINGLY SIMPLE – Let go of 3 Thumbs!

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(Okay folks, sing this to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas)          On the third day of lent, I decided to let go, of three thumbnails that weren’t helping me.

wewdeMy kids love the SPYKIDS movie.  In it are these crazy weird robot characters called Thumb Thumbs.  They are so creepy and visually disturbing that whenever they are on the screen, I just want them to go away.

Here is a picture of one.  (Gross, right?)  Does your desktop look like this?  (If it does, you have major issues!)  What I mean is… Do you not want to look at it because it is contrary to nature?

Visual clutter is the enemy to your brain.  Your brain controls everything you do – It is your best friend.  The enemy of your friend is your enemy.  How can you expect your brain to work at it’s peak when you are providing an army of irritants that are constantly bombarding it.  Therefore, visual clutter is YOUR enemy.

Scientist find physical clutter negatively affects your ability to focus and process information.  Science has discovered that clutter is a huge DISability!  Take action now to get rid of it!


That’s it! Go through your desktop and get rid of three thumbnails on your computer or tablet (or both!). In less than a minute you can probably get rid of twenty, but do at least three!

The AMAZINGLY SIMPLE step to cut desktop clutter!



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